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Ingo Winterberg

Adrian Kirchler

Martin Grimsel

Micky Neher

Steve Jordan

Andreas Bungert

Bryn Hoffmann

Makato Itano


Reggie Ray

Bruce Brand
Oliver Rummler
1999 in THE NOTE in Chicago
Ricky Lee Brawn

Wico Voss

Hans Prinz

Volker Naves

The Crazy Beat

Andreas Bungert

Jeremy Sells

Udo Masshoff

Achin Czech

Jonas Jorgensen

Didi Joppich

Nelson Vega Martinez

Rick Kubic

Jeff Tuck

Dave Prince

Giuseppe Acquafredda

Patrick Müller

Ingo Winterberg
drummer of the German band

This musicians playing music together since 1990.
Visit the band section, click this logo
zur Electric Patchwork-Seite - to the band section


I found this photos of the year 1980 showing me playing with my first band EPHISUS on a school party and in the garden. Our style: psychedelic rock with a little bit of blues. 

I know you don´t believe it, but it´s my TRIXON set - in a special design. Sorry, but in those years I don´t have an idea what TRIXON is.

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T.MO - Weiden 2004 - live im Stadtbad

See more of his Luxus set >>>>

Adrian Kirchler
drummer of


Adrian Kirchler

Website of the band

Adrian Kirchler with his 
beautiful engraved snare drums!

T.MO - Bologna Blues Gospel & Soul Festival 2004

The Groove Shoes
Heino Penske (git.), Adrian Kirchler (dr.) & Tobi Hübner (bass)  

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Live concert in Münster 2008 
with drummer Martin Grimsel
 on Trixon drums

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Please got to drumset gallery to find his LUXUS set and then more wonderful photos! 

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2005 Grammy Awards Show
John Mayer playing with Steve Jordan 
on a Telstar bass drum. 

Many thanks to Kent for sending me the video and the photos!!!

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The Prangles (Germany)

Drummer Andreas Bungert


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I'm Bryn Hoffman and i live near Brighton in Britain and am a regular user of your fantastic website, being a confessed Trixon junkie.
Thought i might send you some pictures of my band, The Shoestrung, playing with my red marine-pearl teardrop lug Luxus kit which we gig with regularly.
I am only 17 but have been playing Trixon drums since i was about 13. At 13 I was playing drums in a band and was lucky enough to get signed to record an album of our (very young) takes on the blues. We were put in a studio which was completely analog and the owner had me record the album on a blue marine pearl Telstar ... i was completely taken by the incredible sound (we recorded the whole album using just 3 mikes on the drumkit) and style of this strange old thing and bought my Luxus soon after. (We were signed to the same management who look after The Pretty Things, whose album is also recorded on the Trixon).
Since then the album has come out with all the original drum tracks (The Malchicks - To Kill A Mockingbird) but, unfortunately, I left the band before its release to start The Shoestrung (for which I am a singer, guitarist and harmonica player). After much deliberation I decided to let our drummer use my Trixon for gigs because nothing bore comparison! We're an RnB band, all in our teens, who happen to be obsessed by vintage kit, and the Rolling Stones.
You can hear our music on the infernal myspace.com/theshoestrung, all the tracks are recorded on the Trixon. Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures (these are from one particular gig in Brighton) and are comforted by the fact that the legacy of Trixon lives on amongst the oh so lost youth.

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Japan's No.6
Surfing Band

The El Caminos


Makato Itano

Band Home Page

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Les Orques (France)

Les Orques are: Jean-Claude, guitar, vocals and playing Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker on Marshall
Philippe, bass, vocals and playing Fender, Hofner, Guild, Framus on Marshall
Olivier, drum, vocals and beating Trixon & Ludwig snare (the fab4 version).

Photos were taken between 1991 and 1993.

Many thanks to Olivier for the photos!!!
And for selling his Telstar to me!!!

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  WOW - VOX-drums made by Trixon alive!  go to
First pictures from Australia from Reggie Ray (right) at the photo session for his new CD. 
The band is KONQISTADOR 
- Lizzy Ray (vocals) AUS + Reggie Ray (drums) CAN + Dave Andrew Chow (vocals) USA -
The band toured nationally in Australia (with the Trixon Speedfire kit) and shot the video in Melbourne. 
The 3 piece instrumental lineup is guitar, drums and Basskey foot pedals.
Reggie tells us: >The Trixon Speedfire well and truly is the character of this band. City after city, country to country and continent to continent - everybody, always where ever we go - wants to meet me after the show (not to talk to me) but to talk to me about the drum set. I'm like a jealous boyfriend sometimes. But I'm damn proud to own it!< Many thanks Reggie!!!

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Len Bright
 (1986), very very British with 
Eric Goulden at the guitar, also known as Wreckless Eric, 
Bruce Brand at the drums (ex Milkshakes and ex many other London bands) and 
Russ Wilkins at the bass (also ex Milkshakes and others).

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website: www.big-d.de 

Oliver Rummler, drummer of the band BIG DEAL

Fifties R&B, Swing and Ska-boogie.
Cast: Trixon-drums / Halbaccustic-Guitar / Tenorsax , Harp / Baritonsax / Kontrabass / Piano
see his set 

Oliver and his new band since 2005!

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Oliver Rummler gibt hier folgende Auskunft: 
the BIG SIX ist eine der angesagtesten britischen Bands in der Rock & Roll  und Rockabilly Szene. Die Jungs spielen in unterschiedlicher Besetzung schon seit 1982 zusammen. Bill Haley Stylish Rock & Roll und neuerdings auch Ska-Boogie.
Oliver Rummler gives the following informations:
the BIG SIX is one of the importants  british Rock´n Roll and Rockabilly scene. The boys playing in different castings since 1982. Bill Haley Stylish Rock & Roll and lately also Ska-Boogie.

See many more pictures of Ricky Lee and THE BIG SIX on this website:


PAT RAYFORD - Guitar,alto sax
ANDERS JANES - Upright bas
AL NICHOLLS - Tenor sax
NICK LUNT - Baritone Sax

"In addition to my Red Speedfire I also have a Champagne Sparkle Speedfire kit from the sixties in California which I use when I tour over there." Ricky Lee Brawn

1999 in THE NOTE in Chicago
 CD released: WE THE BOYS WILL ROCK YA !  JRCD 25   Viny Japan
Ricky Lee spielt darüber hinaus noch in 2 anderen Bands mit seinem Trixon Speedfire.
KILLER BREW, eine Formation die dem klassischen Rockabilly fröhnt - mit dem fantastischem DARREL HIGHAM an der Gretsch Country Gentleman.
Und weiterhin bei den SPACE CADETS - ebenfalls Rockabilly. Sie treten in Armeeuniform der 40er auf. Urig!
Ricky Lee plays also in 2 others bands with his Trixon Speedfire.
KILLER BREW, a band playing classical  Rockabilly - with the fantastic DARREL HIGHAM on the Gretsch Country Gentleman.
And also with the SPACE CADETS - as well Rockabilly. They appeared in armee uniform of the 40th.

Astrobilly Rockin'
JRCD 20  (Vinyl Japan)

Also with Ricky Lee Brawn on drums.

Picture and informations
send by

Oliver Rummler

The Stargazers
The picture shows the cover of an EP (Extended Play - 4 Tracks on one single record) released in 1981.

Danny Brittain - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Anders Janes - Double Bass
John Wallace - Sax, Accordian
 Peter Davenport - Lead guitar, Piano

The EP is owned by Ray Du Val, a friend of Peter Isbell, who sent this cover photo to me.
The speedfire set is from 1957

e-mail: Ricky Lee Brawn

Here are some more nice photos of the Stargazers, sent to me by Frank from Itlay. Many thanks to him!

Don't miss a fantastique video with Ricky Lee Brawn:

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Wico Vos
Wico Vos gives the following informations:
This is me playing my 'Trixon' drumkit in 'Swinge bij Dinge' in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I played in the band called 'The Backyards'. We played rock'n roll.
'The backyards' doesn't exist anymore, like loads of other musical experiments. 
The 'Trixon' drumkit was last produced in 1956 in West-Germany. It was the first brand with an oval shaped double bass drum. 
The cybals are the original Zildijan hi-hat, crash and ride and a new Paiste crash. The hardware was from Premier and had a Hi-hat and bass pedal with a twisting heel. Verry fast and controlable. Yet it is modernised with Pearl stands and a Ludwig Speedking bass-pedal.
I bought it from an old guy who was deaf and wanted to invest in his photographic equipment. 
Wico´s homepage
Here you see my 'Trixon' drumkit in a small studio.
It has a nice Red Sparkle that looks real oldfashioned. The snairkit you see here is a Sonor. The original snairkit is broke. The mechanisme to span the snair is worn out.

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Hans Prinz on Trixon silver croco drums.


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Volker Naves
drummer of
The Speedos

Good old Rock`n Roll & Jive!


The set is recovered in a cool finish!

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"My two brothers and I have a cool and slicky Rock and roll trio called 
"That Crazy Beat"
, our drummer the youngest of all has a Trixon drumkit, a Speedfire its red flamed and we had it resently restored after years standing on the attic of our mams house.
I forward you a few pictures of one of our gigs using the trixon drum kit.

If you wanna browse around on our site, the adresse is www.bart.nl/~straycat.
I hope you will enjoy it."  Chris Hanselman (The Netherlands)

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Their own website:

Drummer is Andreas Bungert

See more of his 
Trixon drums >>>

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Pop and Fresh      (USA)

Pictured from left to right are: Steve Jugalov, keyboards
Jeremy Sells, Trixon drums
Travis Brown, bass
Skip Gambrel, saxophone
Ted Brown, guitar

"We play a variety of musical styles from swing to disco, including blues, 50's rock and 60's rhythm & blues.  The band is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and for the last two years we won first place in the
best blues band category in a contest sponsored by the local "What's Up"
Jeremy Sells

See more of his 
Trixon Telstar set >>>

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Udo Masshoff
drummer of
He was the last Trixon endorser 
after Buddy Rich 
(according by Arthur Oeschger).
He played this set in over 
200 concerts and tv-shows
The set: 28"x 14" bass drum - 13"x 8" tom
16"x16" floor tom - 14"x4" snare
The finish and all parts are from old 
stock of Karl-Heinz Weimer and 
it was build by Mr. Oeschger!

Udo Masshoff

See more of this 
Trixon set >>>

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Wirtschaftswunder (Germany)
Drummer: Achim Czech
Website: www.wiwu.de

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The Defectors
Drummer: Jonas Jĝrgensen
Website: www.thedefectors.com

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Trixon alive with Didi and the Crazy Crackers.
go to and see more photos!

Didis Luxus set in yellow sparkle: 22" bass drum, 14" mounted tom, 20" floor tom
Didi Joppich     website: www.crazy-crackers.com

See more of his Trixon sets  >>>

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Nelson Vega Martinez
grupo "Ruta 66" 
de rock de los 60's
Bogota Colombia

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    1964 in red sparkle

owner Rick Kubic aka  Johnny Kick / Rick Casino

Independent - Played with Madder Rose, Speedball Baby & Cocktail Preachers

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Drummer Jeff Tuck

on his   
in blue stripes -1963/64


>> I'm in a band called The Flames,
we are an early 60's Rock n Roll band and back original 60's artistes. 
I've had the kit for about 23 years
 now and played thousands of gigs and recordings etc. 
Please take a look at our website<<


Jeff, many thanks for the photos and keeping Trixon drums alive on stage!

More photos >>>>

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Drummer Dave Prince
of t
he Rat Pack-a rock n roll/rockabilly trio playing the sounds of the 1950's

Dave Prince plays his drums in the U.K. HOT ROCKABILLY TRIO

Dave Prince plays his drums in the U.K. HOT ROCKABILLY TRIO

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Giuseppe Acquafredda 

with his group 
Olivoil Jazz Band 

and his


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Drummer Patrick Müller (Germany)  
on his
  in glass glitter - late 1950's

The German drumteacher Patrick Müller played Trixon at the 50's authentic Rockabilly Trio Ball'n Chain and also Chuckandthecashgang

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